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Unmistakably You


Unmistakably you

Buteo buteo

betrayed in winter trees

I see you

yes I do

like it's ever new

a stranger to nothing

as big as a cat

I've got no time for menagerie clones

sterilised, hypnotised and lined up

I get no pleasure from that

it's wild



wild dogs with the blues

not you

warming your eyes

letting the blood rise

A dagger in the daylight

an explosion of earth

an icon from a lost underworld

and that cry, 

tethered to nothing

unfurl your wings

hang in the wind

Oh God could I buy such

a singular eye

strike or die

Unmistakably you

Buteo buteo

in all the hustle and the bustle

you'll be planning your next butchery

right here on the roundabout

or wheeling and squealing

the most perfect kite there could be

fling yourself around

down like a rollercoaster

fingers all fanned

like a gymnast, like a dancer

all razzmatazz

you're so razzmatazz

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