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4:30 pm, I am a G shape,

Head on the bed

Letting the sound of traffic

Seep into my skin

Seep into my skin

I am in the jail at Carson

Waiting to plead my case

I'm in the jail at Carson

Eyes on the outside

And it's something else

There's a boy on a bike, it's red

He's trying to jump the kerb

There's a girl being dragged off her feet

By a German Shepherd

Will not be told

And the light

Gilding the ridge

And the light

Sparring with clouds

And the light

Voicing some other green

It's never the same

Never the same

4:40 pm front row seat

Kaleidoscope sight

Letting a thousand stories

Seep into the cracks

Of this arid mind

And they're digging trenches 

And they're greeting strangers

And the trees are whispering a melody on the breeze

On the outside

And it's something else