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do you ever forget who you are?
meet me, little albatross
you’re the best that I’ve seen on the wing
supernatural conversations with the wind
just feather and bone but most at home
looping in the billows, chasing the storm

far beyond the blue
far beyond the blue

do you ever forget who you are?
fulmaris glacialis.
you’re the poster girl for the aviator
they puzzle over you and your minute, perfect alterations

something like worship
high in the windy light
an opiate riven sweet life
I want to run on and on until there’s nothing left in my lungs
till I’m flat out at the edge

and I lay my head down
lay my head down

but do you ever forget?

do you ever, shudder to the bone, reel in terror, hit the wall, hit the wall
and do you ever forget your name?
midflight, stage fright, disassemble?

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