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That horse they gave you

will not be tamed

never take a bridle

never take a name


That horse they gave you

so handsome and sleek!

They come wide-eyed and cooing,

lay the money down quick.

See his granite haunches,

his volcanic stare?

Put down your whips and your snares and your tricks,

you devils beware, you devils beware!


Well if you fancy yourself flying high

All that power under your hand, under your hand

Have you seen his cloak of stars?

Have you seen his golden battledress?


That horse they gave you

will not be tamed

for wild apple orchards,

sweet grasses drenched in rain. No!

You can climb his haunches, 

sit light as a cloud.

He’ll throw his head back, 

run you run you down flat,

in tightening circles of disdain. Aow!


Well if you fancy yourself…..


Did you hear his hooves strike the ground,

did you hear the earth sing?

Did you hear the clouds bursting?

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